LOri Warner

Lori Warner was raised and lives in Lyme, Connecticut. The rich history of her home town have influenced her life from a young age; the founding families, shipbuilding, river life and its connection to centuries of art and artists. From the age of seven to sixteen, she lived aboard a boat for six months a year and travelled the East Coast from Maine to the Caribbean. Warner found her way back to the area she loves, and set up a printmaking studio in Hadlyme, CT.

Warner is an educated printmaker in lithography, intaglio, screen printing. She is considered a master printmaker in monotype. Her artwork exhibits a mastery of these numerous techniques in printmaking in addition to her study of photography, painting and sculpture. Her unique style is greatly influenced and adapts to process resulting in prints that push the inherent and traditional boundaries of printmaking as related to shape, size and the use of the multiple.

Warner studied at Rhode Island School of Design where she majored in Printmaking (with a minor in Photography), graduating with the highest honors and receiving the college's Award for Excellence in Printmaking. Warner has been published in several books, magazines and newspapers including, ArtScope, Proof in Print, Art in America, Art New England, The Boston Globe and The New York Times. Warner's work is in the collections of Boston Public Library, DeCordova Museum, Yale University - Smilow Center, Rhode Island School of Design, among many others. She owns the Lori Warner Studio / Gallery in Chester, CT.

Lori Warner has a giant, rescue dog named Delilah Buttercup, two Manx cats, and an aquarium with a snail and six fish (to be updated), a teenage boy, 7 yr old girl and a pretty great husband (today, anyway). She identifies as a minimalist, hoping this phase of her life will reveal itself at some point in the near future. Lori loves art, and I mean really loves art - everything about it.

Monotypes with chine colle, various other printmaking techniques and some with weaving.

Monotypes done on location in the Exumas, Bahamas during Warner's annual printmaking workshops.(more info about the workshops)

Various printmaking techniques with weaving, mounted on boat panels. 

Custom pieces created in consultation with client.