Leiva by Mandy Carroll

Carved, sold bangles in silver and gold with gray, black, yellow diamonds

Carved, sold bangles in silver and gold with gray, black, yellow diamonds

Mandy Carroll's jewelry collection draws inspiration from the exquisite materials with which she works. She is ever searching for new and stunning combinations that, once realized as finished work and placed on the body, will empower it’s wearer with a sense of beauty, strength and femininity.

Emphasizing the inherent beauty of each stone is her constant and creates her work from what each stone reveals to her. Carroll hand selects each stone, often using tourmaline, aquamarine, sapphire, moonstone, labradorite, London blue topaz and natural diamonds. And although more difficult to procure, she only sources unheated, natural stones that are conflict free by working with very few merchants, those she has worked with for over a decade. The beauty of these carefully selected, natural "from the earth" intense color are often unique for their size, type and cut. 

Mandy Carroll’s jewelry making career began in Philadelphia, PA, graduating with honors from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia with a BFA in jewelry/crafts. Carroll soon arrived in New York City where she worked for five years as a production assistant, then production manager, for the infinitely creative and fabulous jewelry company, Tenthousandthings, before coming home to Connecticut and launching her collection under the name leiva. Each piece is designed and made by her hand at her beautiful studio in Essex, CT.


Natural, un-heated sapphire cluster pendant with 18k gold

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Milky aquamarine dangle earrings with 18k gold and sterling silver

Stack of 5 colored diamond rings with 18k gold