Andraab creates one of the world's most respected hand woven and hand embroidered Kashmiri Pashmina in the world. Emphasizing artistic tradition by drawing inspiration from traditional patterns dating back to the 15th century, their meticulous attention to workmanship, results in a piece created by hand from start to finish which emphasizes the process- from the procuring of the finest cashmere fibers to the cleaning, combing, spinning and finishing on hand looms and finally to the hand embroidery. The embroidery alone can take up to three years per piece. Andraab is owned by three brothers who stand proud to showcase some of the finest cashmere in the world. "The inspiration behind our designs began with what we saw in nature growing up in Kashmir. The relationship we have with our weavers is very special. It is a blend of ideas, old and new. They are the experts in an art form that has had a long history in Kashmir. Together we create pieces that are steeped in tradition with designs that are timeless, quality driven."

”Every design has a tale to tell, like the eloquence of a poet, or the ferocity of nature; Andraab strives to bring the rarest of the rare to their handcrafted cashmere pieces. Andraab's unique and exquisite works have found customers across continents.” -L’Attitde


Please contact us for availability and pricing. 860.322.4265 or email us.